Preservation Framing


Dramatic advances have been made in the last 20 years providing archival and preservation grade materials to framers and conservators. The days of acidic tree-pulp mats are over! Now 100% cotton and alpha-cellulose mat-boards come in hundreds of colors.

At NCPF we carry Crescent, Bainbridge, and Artique brands. We will keep you from being overwhelmed by choices and lead you to the mats that meet your style, preservation, and pocketbook needs.


Experience has shown us that textiles next to textiles look great when designing framing displays. Fabrics hold lush color in a way matboards cannot match. At NCPF we handwrap our own mats and liners on a daily basis. We can offer multitudes of colors and weaves from three major fabric supply houses. Some of the fabrics are specifically geared for preservation and are guaranteed acid-free. They are generally linens and cottons in neutral colors. For direct contact with vintage textiles and fine arts, these archival quality fabrics are an ideal choice.


Glass, too, has seen terrific improvements beyond standard window glass. Glazing with 99% UV protection glass is the standard at NCPF. The fuzzy, foggy image produced by non-glare glass has been replaced by clear, yet reflection controlling Claryl® glass. An even better choice is 99% UV protection AND reflection control provided through Museum Glass® by TruVue. It is clearly an amazing choice. Unbreakable plexi-glass is also available in frame grade and UV filtering quality.

The specialty plexi-glass, Optium® by TruVue is available. Optium® is UV filtering, reflection controlling, and scratch resistant. It is an amazing product. Currently, Optium® glazing can be admired in museums more frequently than homes, as it is out of the price range of all but the most serious collectors.

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